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Alex Eckard
Area Director

Alex has been on staff with Young Life for 7 years in Mercer County. He has a wonderful wife Nikki and a delightful daughter Eloise. Before moving to Grove City, Alex attended Bucknell University where he played football and was a volunteer Young Life leader. He grew up in Frederick, Maryland, where he first encountered Young Life as a freshman in High School.

Kevin Meiners
Staff Associate

Kevin grew up in Dayton, OH and just graduated from Grove City College. During his time in college he was a volunteer leader at Grove City High School. That experience transformed his faith and led him to come onto full time staff. Kevin will now be transitioning to lead at Hickory High School and help with leadership at Grove City College.

Madeline Gladstone
Staff Associate

Madeline started full-time staff in 2021 after graduating from Grove City College. Young Life impacted her life in many ways growing up. She was involved in high school and became a leader in college. She now leads at Lakeview High School and helps mentor & disciple college leaders!


Missy Crombie
Area Admin

Missy has lived in the Grove City area for a while with her husband Collin and their two kids, Kira and Sam. She loves serving our community, especially getting to mentor and disciple our college volunteer leaders!



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Young Life

High school students

We currently have active YL in the following High Schools; Grove City, Mercer, Hickory, Sharon, West Middlesex, Sharpsville, Lakeview and Wilmington.


Middle school students

We currently have active WL in the following Middle Schools; Grove City, Mercer, Hermitage, Sharon



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